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Mari Y Wedding is a professional bridal hair styling and makeup business based in London. The client required a logo that would inject professionalism and sophistication into the brand as a representation of the work they produce. The colours were kept minimal to allow for the vibrant photography to bring the brand to life and add to its own personality.

“Anyone considering having a logo or website designed definitely needs to contact Graphic Designer Lee Kendall. I found him to be very professional and easy to work with. I was so glad my friend referred his services to me.

Lee Kendall personally responds to all requests and emails in a timely manner. I was quickly presented with five very strong concepts – each of which I would have been proud to use as my company’s logo. Lee is an excellent collaborator. He is extremely creative with a great visual and technical sensibility, yet his dedication and attention to detail are unmatched.

I would definitely recommend Lee to anyone and everyone!”

Maryia Yasianetskaya

Art Director, Mari Y Wedding